Pleasant Hill Library Project

pleasant hill library interior panoramic

In April 2014, the Pleasant Hill City Council established the Pleasant Hill Library Task Force to explore the need for and feasibility of constructing a new community library in Pleasant Hill. The Task Force concluded that the current library building, now 56 years old, does not meet the needs of library users and the Pleasant Hill community. 

In February 2016, at the request of the Task Force, the City Council authorized staff to conduct a survey of Pleasant Hill voters to determine support for a funding measure which would provide revenue to build a new library and make improvements to the City's infrastructure including streets, sidewalks and storm drains. With the passage of Measure K in November 2016, the City has secured the necessary funding source for these improvements to be made over 20 years, as well as the construction of the new library building.

Park District & County Agreement 
In April 2017, the PH Recreation & Park District and Contra Costa County reached an agreement for the District to purchase the 5-acre site which currently houses the library building and former Library Administration offices. The District must exercise its option to purchase by December 31, 2019. If purchased, the District has also agreed to lease back the library building to the County for library services through April 2021. The District is planning to use the 5-acre site for new recreational ballfields after the new library has been completed. 

The new Pleasant Hill Library will be constructed on a 3-acre portion of the vacant parcel on the opposite side of Monticello Avenue from the current library building. The map at the bottom of this page shows the site location of the new library as well as the proposed ball fields and potential housing project which is proposed by the County for the remainder of the 1700 Oak Park Boulevard site, adjacent to new the library site. 

Library Design Process
The City and the County are now working on an agreement for the transfer of the 3-acres at 1700 Oak Park Boulevard for the new library location. 

Concurrent with the City and County discussions, the City is moving forward with plans for the design and construction of the new library. In April 2017, the City issued a Request for Proposals from architectural firms to begin the design of the building and landscaping improvements. It is anticipated that an architect will be selected by the City Council in September 2017 to begin work in early fall. The library design process will involve extensive community outreach and engagement through workshops and public hearings.

The City also issued an RFP for Construction Management Services in August 2017. It is anticipated that a firm will be hired in October 2017 to oversee construction management through the complete design and construction of the new library.

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Potential future sites of a new Pleasant Hill Community Library, Recreational Fields, and Housing