Recycling Programs and Services in Pleasant Hill

The City of Pleasant Hill is committed to recycling and implements numerous programs to help reduce the community’s impact on the environment. In partnership with Republic Services, the franchise hauler, the city offers recycling programs for all residents and commercial customers. You can reach customer service at Republic Services at (925) 685-4711.

For more information on recycling programs, read below, or contact the city’s Recycling Coordinator Martin Nelis at (925) 671-5229 or Republic Services' recycling coordinator for Pleasant Hill, Anne Baker, at (925) 671-5806.

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Recycling Requirements in Pleasant Hill

The City of Pleasant Hill’s Construction and Demolition Ordinance requires that 50% of project waste materials be diverted from landfills. A construction, demolition or renovation project must comply with the Ordinance if the project is expected to cost $50,000 or more, or if it will involve 5,000 or more square feet of space. In order to comply, each permit applicant for building, demolition, or encroachment must submit a Waste Management Plan (WMP).

The WMP includes a Waste Assessment to identify the materials that you estimate will be recycled, salvaged or landfilled. And upon the completion of the project, a report is required to indicate the material types and quantities recycled, salvaged or disposed from the project site.

Official weight receipts must be submitted with the completed Waste Assessment form identifying:
  1. Job site address
  2. Weight of load(s)
  3. Material type(s) and
  4. If materials were recycled, salvaged or disposed
Complete Construction & Demolition Ordinance
View and print copies of the C & D Ordinance Waste Management Plan forms
C & D Permits Page

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facility

Residents may dispose of household batteries only (no car batteries) at the curb on your regular garbage pick up day. Place used batteries in a zip lock bag and leave next to the recycling bin. Household batteries are no longer being accepted for disposal at City Hall.

Pleasant Hill residents are also able to use the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District HHW drop-off facility at no charge. You can visit the Central Sanitary Discrict HHW page for program details.


4797 Imhoff Place
Martinez, CA 94553
(800) 646-1431
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Hours of Operation

Residents: Tuesday-Saturday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Reuse Room: Tuesday-Saturday, 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Small Businesses: Tuesday-Saturday, by appointment only

Facility Location - Map and Hours

Needles (Sharps) Ban

Beginning September 1, 2008, State law (Section 118286 of the California Health and Safety Code) prohibits the disposal of home generated sharps in the garbage.

By definition, “Home-generated sharps waste” means hypodermic needles, pen needles, intravenous needles, lancets, and other devices that are used to penetrate the skin for the delivery of medications derived from a household, including a multi-family residence or household.

Proper disposal of “sharps” (needles, syringes, and lancets) will help prevent potential health risks to:
  • Children and family members
  • Home health care providers
  • Sanitation workers
  • Pets
Do not put any sharps in curbside trash, recycling carts, commercial collection containers at business, or large roll-off dumpsters used for trash, demolition material or recycling.

Sharps Disposal Options: